How To Develop A Superhuman Training Plan

A Superhuman Training Plan is defined as an ideal combination of skills: endurance, strength, power, speed, range-of-motion, and balance.

Ever wonder how coaches develop a training plan?

In this presentation, Dr Jeff Banas shows you what goes into developing a superhuman training plan.

Goal setting, identifying and ranking your skills, breaking the year into specific training  blocks, and what type of training to do in those specific blocks are all discussed.

Are You Superhuman In The Weight Room, But A Game Day Bust?

Plyometric box jumps…

Supplements to “reduce lactic acid”…

Running with parachutes and weighted vests….

The internet is filled with sport specific functional training tools claiming make you jump higher, swim faster and run farther. Many coaches and training plans also make claims that they can enhance your athletic performance by following their specific method of coaching.

But, do any of these gadgets really work?

Will doing plyometric box jumps make you a better runner, or will they just make you better at doing plyometric box jumps?

Will increasing the distance you can throw a twenty pound medicine ball make you swim faster, or just make you better a throwing medicine balls?

The problem is, just because you got stronger in a particular exercise does not mean that it transforms into improvement in a particular sport or activity.

You may actually look and exercise better, but you may not perform any better. You may be superhuman in the weight room, but a bust on race day. Here’s how…

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