Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Benefits of Sprouts

Sprouts from beans, legumes, and grains have long been a part of the human diet for a number of important reasons. For one, sprouted food provides a convenient and easy way to incorporate fresh vegetables to one’s diet. For another, sprouted food can be readily done right in the comfort of one’s home. Because this is the case, the need to purchase packaged vegetables like canned legumes, for instance, may be minimized if not eliminated altogether.  A growing body of research confirms the healthful goodness of sprouts as well.

Read further and learn more about the benefits of sprouts and why the Superhuman Food Pyramid recommends this vegetable.

Sprouts Benefits:

Sprouts have very low calorie density which is why they are generally categorized as a low energy-dense food. A 104 gram serving of mung bean sprouts, for instance, only has an estimated 31 calories. Add to this the fact that this much serving has no fat content whatsoever. This energy-dense and zero-fat property of sprouts make them suitable for individuals looking to lose or manage their weight as one can fill up on sprouts without worrying about consuming too much calories.

Eating sprouts on a regular basis has been found to benefit heart health as well. In one study, laboratory rats that were kept on a high cholesterol diet showed a significant increase in their plasma HDL-cholesterol or good cholesterol levels after five weeks of being fed with sprouted brown rice.

In yet another study in 2007 in Japan, the benefits of brown rice sprouts were again highlighted. Forty one breastfeeding mothers were divided into two groups, with one group eating sprouted brown rice, while the other regular white rice. After two weeks, immune and psychological assessments were conducted. As it turns out, those in the first group showed better psychosomatic health as well as immunity leading the researchers to conclude that eating brown rice sprouts may be beneficial to lactating women’s health.

In general, sprouts have a higher concentration of key antioxidants and specific nutrients as compared to their seeds or mature plant counterparts as well. In one study comparing the nutritional profile of dry and sprouted mung beans, lentils, and alfalfa, it was found that the iron, calcium, zinc, and B and C vitamins significantly increased during sprouting, with vitamin C having the greatest increase during germination.

Lastly, the process of germinating beans and lentils and other grains likes quinoa, amaranth, or millet is effective at removing the phytic acid, a known anti-nutrient. With sprouts then, you can be assured that your body will get to absorb all the crucial nutrients minus the upsetting digestive problems that eating unsprouted versions of these food items normally pose.

Sprouts Practical Uses:

As was mentioned, you can sprout your choice of seeds at home. Not only will this be cheaper overall, but you’ll have better control of the environments where you’ll do the sprouting as well so there’s a lesser chance of contamination. To make the process convenient, you can opt to utilize a sprouter kit.

Sprouts can go with practically all types of dishes as well. You can put these in sandwiches, sprinkle them on soups prior to serving, or stir fry with other vegetables. You can even juice sprouts in the juicer along with your favorite fruits like apples, or vegetables like cucumbers.

In the next post, I’ll tell you the benefits of avocados that will help you in your quest to Become Superhuman.

In the meantime, if you care to jump ahead, here is a complete listing of the vegetables on Superhuman Food Pyramid:









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Also avoid if autoimmune disease or nightshade sensitivity:



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