How You Can Reduce Pain And Inflammation With The Tip Of Your Finger

You are two miles from the finish line when all of a sudden you start experiencing pain and swelling in your knee. What can you do to reduce the pain so you can make it to the finish line?

Actually, you can do a lot to reduce pain and inflammation, and you can do it all with the tip of your finger. Keep reading to find out more.

Enter into the world of acupuncture. You know, that 5,000 year old alternative medicine treatment that involves all those needles.

When most people hear the word “acupuncture” the first thing they think about is “needles”. However, acupuncture is not just about sticking needles into the body.

Acupuncture is more about “stimulating” specific points. The use of needles is just one way to stimulate acupuncture points. Acupuncture points also respond to non-invasive stimulation such as electrical stimulation, laser light waves, and simple tapping pressure.

You can give yourself a simple and effective acupuncture treatment by simply tapping over an acupuncture point.

So, which acupuncture points help with acute musculoskeletal injuries?

The Xi Cleft points regulate and relieve “excess” pain in their related channels. The Xi Cleft points exist where the qi and blood of a channel accumulate, especially in areas impacted by an acute injury.

Tapping Xi Cleft points is a primary treatment strategy for acute musculoskeletal injuries and can provide significant relief in a short period of time. This treatment is safe for even the layman, and perhaps the easiest of all the acupuncture points to use. Simply learn where the points are, and tap each one for 20-30 seconds. Sure, it’s a “shotgun” approach, and not as effective as treatment provided by a trained acupuncturist, but the stimulation of these points can be very helpful in treating any acute injury.

In the case of musculoskeletal pain conditions, the stimulation of all the Xi Cleft points has a very effective response. .

The attached diagram shows the location of these Xi Cleft points. When you get injured or have pain or swelling in a joint simply tap over each of these Xi-cleft points for about 20-30 seconds.Reduce Pain And Inflammation

These Xi Cleft points are not as effective on old injuries; however, they are extremely powerful for any acute musculoskeletal situation.

The treatment is most effective if you stimulate the points on the upper and lower part of the body, and also on both sides of the body. However, if time is limited (ie: during a race), stimulate the points that are closest to the area where your pain is.

Who knows, a little acupuncture might be just what you need to get to the finish line.

If you’ve used acupuncture to get to the finish line, or have feedback for the article, please leave your comments below.

4 thoughts on “How You Can Reduce Pain And Inflammation With The Tip Of Your Finger

  1. Nothing “bad” will happen if you do not hit the right spot, it will just not stimulate the acupuncture point.

    Try not to be real specific when you are tapping the acupuncture point. Tap all around the point. It’s a “shotgun” approach, but a few of those taps will hit the point and therefore stimulate the acupuncture point.

  2. I use points all the time! Totally the best. I don’t race but use points during kickboxing and various exercises, including stretching. Great for balance, energy etc. Massage points afterward to move both lymph and chi.