Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Pros and Cons of Sucanat

The sweet taste of sugar is an unavoidable part of our eating habits. Unfortunately excessive consumption of refined white sugar can lead to a number of health risks. Thus various relatively healthier alternatives have been invented and made to replace ordinary sugar.

Sucanat is one such natural sweetener and is today’s feature on the Superhuman Food Pyramid.

The name stands for sugar cane natural. It is actually a brand name owned by Ragus Holdings Inc for their particular type of whole cane or unrefined sugar product. This sugar substitute first came into the consumer market around late 1970’s.

Perhaps the terms “whole” and “unrefined” are not entirely accurate. The sugar cane still undergoes a minimal process although not as complex as the one that results in ordinary table sugar. After the juice is mechanically squeezed out of the sugar cane, it is heated and then cooled. What remains is a dark brown grainy stuff that has both the sugar and the molasses content.

Keep reading to find out how this distinct quality of Sucanat can help in your quest to Become Superhuman and why it should only be taken in moderation.

Sucanat Benefits:

Sucanat is superior to refined white sugar or even less refined brown sugar because it carries all the nutritional benefits found in molasses. Here are some of the good substances that can be found in the sweetener.

Potassium – This mineral is considered one of the main electrolytes that the body needs to maintain balances in water and between acids and bases. It plays an important role in the way nerves transmit electrical impulses. Proper contraction of muscles and keeping a regular heartbeat are thus dependent on potassium.

Calcium – This is the most abundant mineral in the body and 99% of the total amount is in bones and teeth. The remaining 1% found in the blood and other tissues are important for brain function, blood clotting, and blood pressure.

Magnesium – Known as an enzyme co-factor, this mineral acts as a switch that either triggers or stops the biochemical functions that enzymes perform in the body. Consequently magnesium has a crucial regulatory role in cholesterol production, and glucose and fatty acids breakdown.

Vitamin ARetinal and retinoic acid are the metabolized substances of this vitamin. Retinal is important in maintaining the visual function of the eyes. Retinoic acid meanwhile binds with DNA and thus affects how the various types of cells in the body perform their different functions.

Sucanat Risks:

While the molasses content of this sweetener provides most of the health benefits, the sugar part carries the risks. One cup of Sucanat can provide 570 calories. That may be less than one cup of regular sugar but that still doesn’t mean you can overuse it.

Sugar per se isn’t the problem but rather its over-consumption. When sugar or other types of carbohydrates aren’t used they get stored as fats. Taking in more than what your body actually demands is how most overweight difficulties begin. Regular high amounts of sugar intake can also impair the regulatory function of insulin that your own body produces.

Sucanat Practical Uses:

Since Sucanat is just as sweet as sugar you can pick up any recipe and replace the ordinary sugar ingredient with the same amount of this sweetener.

If you want to take advantage of the minerals and electrolytes as well as the energy boost of the sugar in Sucanat, use it to sweeten your home-made power shakes or smoothies. Beverages such as these are perfect after-workout drinks.

So you don’t overdo the sugar and carbs, go with fresh whole fruits rather than juice concentrates and plain yogurt instead of whole milk or cream. Usually liquids are the first to go into the blender and then the solid ingredients. A teaspoon of Sucanat would be enough for a sixteen ounce smoothie.

In the next post, I’ll tell you about the pros and cons of truvia and how it should be used in moderation in your quest to Become Superhuman.

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