Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Benefits of Berries

The botanical definition of berries is any fruit that develops from a single ovary of a flowering plant. This description would actually include some fruits/vegetables that people don’t think of as “berries” like avocadoes or pumpkins. The examples of berries that will be presented here, however, adhere to the common usage – small, round, juicy, and edible fruits.

The various types of berries may belong to different formal categories but most of them have brightly colored skin or at least colored to stand out in a typically verdant background. The evolutionary reasoning here is that the color of the berries attracts birds and other animals, which will then readily consume the small fruits and help disseminate the seeds. (Seeds are not always digested and just pass through.)

As it happens, most of the substances that give berries their noticeable pigments are antioxidants for the human body. Keep on reading to know more about the healthy benefits of berries.

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