Are your skincare products perfecting or poisoning you?

Your skin absorbs more than 75% of the skincare products you use. If you apply lotion on your skin, anything and everything in the lotion can get absorbed right into your bloodstream. The ingredients will circulate throughout your body many times before they are filtered out by the liver, IF they are filtered out. All those ingredients you can’t pronounce – keep reading to learn why the ingredients you put on your skin may be hindering your fat loss and athletic performance, or even poisoning you. Continue reading

The Night Shift Worker’s Guide to Superhuman Eating


As discussed in this 3 part series, The Night Shift Worker’s Guide to Being Superhuman, night shift workers face more challenges than day shift workers when it comes to maintaining their health. As with Sleeping, discussed in the first article, eating properly also presents many challenges to night shift workers. The following recommendations can help you make good food choices and overcome the challenges of eating well while working the night shift. Continue reading

Get Fast Fat Loss with Minimal Equipment

Its time to get some creative and cool exercises that will jack your metabolism and burn body fat without running or jumping; without ruining your joints. Exercises you can do almost anywhere, with no to minimal equipment. Keep reading to learn discover some pretty funky, low-impact, high-intensity exercises and sample routines.
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A 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Guide

Stop reading for a second and look down.

Do you have a bit more belly than you did last month?

Has a recent period of binging or less-than-perfect eating affected your fat to muscle ratio in a less-than-ideal way?

Does it seem a bit disheartening to consider the prospect of trying to burn it all off with long multi-hour training sessions and treadmill mondo-runs?

Despite what you’ve probably been led to believe, churning away like a rat on a treadmill is really not the best way to burn fat fast, and can instead lead to the common cortisol and catabolic hormone release that accompanies excessive aerobic exercise. This type of overtraining results in hormonal imbalances, fluid retention, overtraining and injury – and it’s why the folks who approach fat loss by staying on a cardio machine for as long as possible are usually the folks who fail.

Instead, with a strategic combination of dietary and exercise modification, you can embark on a 30 day rapid fat loss journey without sacrificing your health, body or performance.

And with the safe, healthy and effective guide below, you can melt away your belly fat in a fraction of the time compared to your over-exercising friends.

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