How To Lose Baby Weight Safely by Avoiding Post-Natal Exercise Risks

Safe return to exercise after childbirth

Safe return to exercise after childbirth

Although pregnancy, labor, and postpartum aren’t athletic events, they have been compared to athletic events (CrossFit Journal Sep 2011). Many women who enjoyed sports before their pregnancy want to get back into it soon after birth to lose the baby weight. This is particularly true for women who were used to high impact high intensity training such as Crossfit and running.

Whether or not you are ready to return to sport or exercise depends on individual factors and type of birth. A Cesarean section requires more recovery time than natural birth. As a general rule, new mums are advised to wait between 4-6 weeks after birth before resuming exercise. Keep reading as I share with you some considerations to lose the baby weight by avoiding post-natal exercise risks for a safe return to sport after childbirth. Continue reading

Get Fast Fat Loss with Minimal Equipment

Its time to get some creative and cool exercises that will jack your metabolism and burn body fat without running or jumping; without ruining your joints. Exercises you can do almost anywhere, with no to minimal equipment. Keep reading to learn discover some pretty funky, low-impact, high-intensity exercises and sample routines.
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