Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Benefits of Nectarines

Though their names may imply they’re two different species of fruits, nectarines and peaches are actually genetically similar. Nectarines come about through a recessive gene that results in smooth non-fuzzy skinned peaches. That is the main differentiating characteristic of nectarines. It is also probably why this fruit is mistakenly thought of as a hybrid of peaches and plums.

Just like its parent fruit, nectarines originated in China. Its slightly different taste and texture was pleasant enough that it was deliberately cultivated. A peach tree can bear both peach and nectarine fruits. To consistently grow nectarines, only the strain of peaches bearing the recessive gene can be used.

Nectarines may be the result of a natural occurring mutation but that doesn’t make them less nutritious. Continue reading and find out the benefits of nectarines and how they can help you Become Superhuman.

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