Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Negative Effects of Fruits in Syrup

Soaking fruits in syrup is one of the common methods used to preserve fresh produce. Whether they’re canned, bottled, or stored in other types of food packaging, syrup is a frequently used liquid storage medium.

When sugar is dissolved in water the resulting mixture is denser. Add enough sugar and the mixture becomes thicker than the internal fluids of the microorganisms in the mixture. Because of osmotic pressure, microorganisms in such a liquid will shrivel and die as their internal fluids flow out of their cell membranes. This is what makes syrup an effective preservative for fruits.

Submerge fruits in this preserving liquid, store them in a hermetically sealed container, and the fruit will not spoil for a long period of time. The advantage – fruit preservation, The disadvantage – significant additional sugar content. Read on and know more about the negative effects of fruits in syrup. Continue reading