Find Your Fat Burning Zone To Lose Weight And Gain Energy

Are all these sports drinks and gels really necessary?

What if you could train your body to use your own fat as the primary source of fuel? Would it be possible to significantly reduce the amount of calories you need during exercise?

Gone are the days of needing to consume high amounts of calories during training and competition.

To lose weight and gain energy, you need to find your fat burning zone! The video below will show you how… Continue reading

Treating Injuries with Unique Supplementation

Let’s start by “geeking out” on the injury process for soft tissue and bone injuries, then we will delve into what everyone wants to know…how do I heal? However, its important for you to know what is going on when you get injured, so you are not tempted to rush the recovery process. Read on for more information on the healing process, and dietary supplements which encourage healing. Continue reading