Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Pros and Cons of Raw Pollinated Honey

Up until now, the discussion has been about herbs, spices and sweeteners on the Superhuman Food Pyramid that are fully recommended. Now we’ve come to the section where the next series of food types are suggested to be taken only in moderation.

First in line and today’s topic is raw pollinated honey.

Did you know that there’s an 8000 year old cave painting of a person gathering honey? That just goes to show how long humans have been eating this food. That really isn’t surprising as honey on its own can provide your body’s daily energy requirement.

The description “raw” and “pollinated” is used to differentiate this type of honey from the processed kind which is what most commercially available honey is. This means raw honey is not heated or pasteurized. Most of the time, it is only strained so that some debris is removed but most of the pollen remains.

Heat can destroy the beneficial enzymes and other substances that are found in raw honey. But this can also carry some risks.

Take a look at how moderate use of raw pollinated honey can help you achieve Superhuman performance and recovery. Continue reading