Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Negative Effects of Soy Nuts

Soy nuts are a delectable snack food made from dried soy beans that have been soaked in water, drained, and then roasted or baked until dry and crunchy. The process is similar to what is commonly done on peanuts. Remember that peanuts aren’t true nuts but are actually legumes just like soy beans.

Soy nuts are a great source of protein and in fact contain all of the essential amino acids that our body needs. Unfortunately, inherent substances in soy beans make this food potentially risky for people with certain types of health conditions. It doesn’t help either that this is one of several cash crops that have been genetically modified.

Read on to know more about the negative effects of soy nuts (and be sure to also check out the recommended soak times for beans, grains, legumes, nuts and rice.) Continue reading