Get Peak Mental Performance By Protecting Your Brain From Electromagnetic Radiation

I’m just now finishing the book “Zapped” by Anne Louise Gittleman.

While I have for some time been aware of concepts such as electric radiation, dirty electricity and, electric pollution and electromagnetic radiation, I’m really floored by some of the well-researched concepts in this book, and taking some definite steps to protect myself and my family.

I can’t believe how much of this stuff flies under the radar, pun intended. I’m going to get Anne onto my podcast, but in the meantime, you can take this free quiz to see how much radiation exposure you actually get.

Her book has some fairly impractical advice. But some of it is practical and easily implementable.

So here are some of the steps I’m taking, with a total investment of about $500-600 to shield myself from nasty effects of electrical fields, such as fuzzy thinking, joint aches, and cancer risks:

Install “Flux” on computer so it dims at night

-Wear blue light blocking glasses, especially for evening computer use. Recommend Gunnar.

-Install low blue light bulbs, and put blue light blocker screen on computer

-If traveling, use a grounding mat or grounding bedspread (stand on for 20 minutes and use in bed at night after arriving at destination)

-Use dirty electricity filters in main rooms of house (recommend Greenwave filters)

-Use airtube headset on phone (recommend “Envi airtube“)

-Use anti-radiation screens on phone/computer (recommend “Skin-Blok“)

-Install low blue lights in major rooms of home

Questions about electric radiation? Leave them below – and remember that you can work with any of our Superhuman coaches here to optimize your lifestyle, performance, brain and more.