Superhuman Guide

Ben Greenfield showcases the “Become Superhuman” Guide at the recent live event.

Click Here To Get Details On The “Become Superhuman” Guide – a 213 page manual with 14 CD’s, available in hard copy or digital format…jam-packed with everything you need to Become Superhuman!

SuperHuman Guide



Click Here To Get Details On Grabbing Your All-Access Pass To The Videos, Audios and Slides from the “Become Superhuman” 2013 Live Event! Enjoy the entire experience as an instant download, and get access to the DVD’s, important takeaway notes, and more!

Become Superhuman Videos


Superhuman Live DVD's
The official jam-packed 4 DVD set from Ben Greenfield’s Become Superhuman live event. Click here to get it now for $27 with free shipping.


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  1. Ben, what’s the difference in between “All-Access Pass” and “Becoming Superhuman Guide”? Does purchase of “All-Access Pass” qualify me for a trainer as well?