Superhuman Coach FAQ’s

Q. What is the Superhuman Coach Network?

A. The Superhuman Coach Network was launched in 2012 by internationally recognized fitness and nutrition expert Ben Greenfield, and is perfect for you if you fall into either of the following two categories:

1) If you’re looking to get healthier or get a better body, the Superhuman Coach Network connects you with a certified coach who will unlock maximum performance for your body and brain, and give you a system for using research-proven foods, supplements and strategies to make you unstoppable – whether your goals are to cross the finish line of an Ironman triathlon, compete in the Crossfit games, or just shed a few pounds. It is the ultimate solution for connecting with someone who you can be 100% confident will allow you to achieve your goals safely, quickly and effectively.

If you fit into the category above, you can click here now to request a coach, or you can click here to get our free 7 part series on Becoming Superhuman (to get just a taste of what you’ll discover from your Superhuman Coach).

2) If you’re a personal trainer, coach or you work in the fitness or sports industry, the Superhuman Coach Network provides you with a complete online 12 month education in advanced topics of performance, recovery, digestion, brain, sleep, hormones and fitness business – and also connects you to a global mastermind of expert coaches, along with direct personal mentorship from Ben Greenfield for your personal and career growth. Through monthly workshops, exams, and a robust online forum, you’ll learn in a supportive environment from Ben Greenfield and an expert team of health and nutrition experts and physicians, while also being given the opportunity to publish your videos, audios and articles on our site and be connected to clients who come the Superhuman Coach Network to achieve their goals. As a part of the Superhuman Coach Network, you can have complete confidence that you have all the knowledge necessary to be recognized as a global fitness expert, and the connections to maximize your income doing what you love.

If you fit into the category above, you can click here to get access to a more detailed video from Ben Greenfield that goes into greater detail about exactly why he created the Superhuman Coach Certificate program and a global mastermind group for personal trainers and coaches.

Q. Who can join?

A. If you’re looking for a coach to help you achieve your goals, then you’ll be happy to know that anyone can work with a Superhuman Coach, no matter what your goals are. Simply click here now to request a coach, or click here to view our list of coaches. You will then be contacted by a coach liaison who will connect you with a coach who is perfect for you and your goals. If you don’t want to work one-on-one with a coach, we also offer Superhuman Training Plans that are written by our team of coaches.

If you’re a personal trainer or coach who wants to apply for our program, you must be able to demonstrate that you currently hold or are pursing at an accredited institution a degree in an exercise science or nutrition related field, or that you currently hold a personal training or other certification from a recognized and respected certification body, such as NSCA, NASM, ACSM, ACE, NSCA, USAT. We will also accept allopathic, naturopathic, osteopathic and chiropractic physicians, registered dietitians and nutritionists.

Q. How does this differ from getting a personal training or coaching certification?

A .The Superhuman Coach Network is not intended to replace a personal training degree, coaching certification or university coursework in an exercise science or nutrition related field. Instead, you will be given knowledge that will build light years upon what you learn via your basic fitness education and certification, and rather than having a average knowledge of exercise or diet, you’ll become a globally recognized expert in performance, fat loss, digestion, recovery, brain, sleep and hormone optimization.

In addition, you’ll learn beginner to advanced business-building concepts, including how to create multiple income streams, how to structure your coaching business, how to maximize social networking opportunities and how to leverage your time and automate your income. In a supportive learning environment with unlimited Q&A, you’ll get the career secrets from experts who make six to seven figure incomes in the fitness industry.

Q. What is included for coaches who are enrolled in the Superhuman Coach Network?

A. Services provided by the Superhuman Coach Network include, but are not limited to, the following (full details can be read below or viewed in the welcome video which you can access by providing your information here):

1. Private access to Superhuman Network Forum

The Superhuman Network Forum is a robust online community devoted to answering your questions and providing you with insider access to all the resources that Ben Greenfield and the Superhuman Network. This is your 24-7 Q&A access to interact with and learn from the Superhuman Network as you become an expert in using cutting edge techniques and tools to enhance human performance and become Superhuman.

2. Monthly workshops, business coaching and mentorship meetings with Ben Greenfield and the Superhuman Network

In addition to the 10 initial Superhuman Coach certification modules, you will receive monthly business coaching and mentorship meetings with Ben Greenfield and other experts within the Superhuman Network. These meetings will be live, practical instruction in marketing, business development, client interaction, and other important concepts that will help you build your personal brand. In addition to business topics, any information added to the Performance, Fat Loss, Recovery, Digestion, Brain, Sleep and Sex/Hormones modules will be presented via live workshops. Any of these events will also be available for download and viewing on-demand.

3. 10 initial Superhuman Coach certification modules

The 10 initial modules include a welcome seminar, followed by monthly 2 hour live workshops in each of the following categories: Performance, Fat Loss, Recovery, Digestion, Brain, Sleep and Sex/Hormones. There will also be a “Putting It All Together” workshop, and a Final Q&A. Modules will be recorded and available for on-demand access. These modules will take place over the course of a one year (12 month) period of time.

4. Post-module exams to verify your level of competence and knowledge

To qualify for your Superhuman Network certification, addition to our coach database, and production of your article, video and audio content, you must pass an exam within 30 days after viewing/completing any of the 10 workshops. No more than three (3) attempts will be given on any exam, and required pass rate is 80% in order to proceed to next module. If you do not pass, you can remain within network, but would not be eligible for certification or CEU’s.

5. Stamp of approval, certificate, and placement within the Superhuman Coach database upon completion of modules/exams

After you complete each of the 10 modules, you will be provided with your Superhuman Network certificate, be placed within our global database of coaches, and be provided with high resolution logos, stickers and marketing materials to advertise your status as an expert in Performance, Fat Loss, Recovery, Digestion, Brain, Sleep and Sex/Hormones. Our goal is to give you instant success upon completion of your certificate.

6. Assistance producing and dissemination of your article, audio and video content

Any materials that you produce or we help you produce will be distributed using the Superhuman Network as a platform to build your name and your brand. Similar to, and other instantly recognizable and highly ranked content sites, will be a top ranked site for all materials related to advancing human performance using cutting edge tools and techniques. Any content of yours that we produce will also include your bio and a link to your site so that you can build your business and client database.

7. Bonus “Coach Insider” workshops and “Coach Guide” book & audiobook

You do not need to be a triathlon coach to join the Superhuman Network, but because there are a large number of triathlon coaches and multisport athletes who follow Ben Greenfield’s advice and teaching, you will be given full access to Ben Greenfield’s “Triathlon Coach Guide”, which is 10 chapters jam-packed with business building secrets, and the “Triathlon Coach Insider” Package, which contains 11 audios & transcripts that delve deep into advanced coaching strategies. These materials are extremely valuable for any working in the fitness business or nutrition consulting fields.

8. Continued on-demand access to Forum, bonus materials, workshops and modules

After you have completed all modules and exams, as long as you maintain your membership within the network by paying your monthly tuition or your annual membership fee, you will have continued access to all previous and future bonus materials, workshops and modules, along with access to the Superhuman Network Forums.

9. Access to all CEU’s/CEC’s provided by Superhuman Coach Network

The Superhuman Network is developing a Continuing Education Unit/Continuing Education Credit (CEU/CEC) relationship with all major fitness, triathlon and nutrition certification organizations, and other national and international organizations. By completing modules within the Superhuman Network, you will be eligible for CEU’s with these organizations.

10. Free ticket to the Superhuman Live Event

Upon your completion of all modules, workshops and exams, you will be given a free ticket to the Superhuman Live Event, which will be a live conference jam-packed with top speakers in the fields of Performance, Fat Loss, Recovery, Digestion, Brain, Sleep and Sex/Hormones. This will be your ultimate opportunity to network with other coaches, to meet potential clients within the global fitness community, and to have face-to-face mastermind meetings with Ben Greenfield.

Q. How do I apply?

A. You can click here to access the Superhuman Coach Network application. Upon application, your acceptance into the Superhuman Coach Network is subject to review by Ben Greenfield and our board of advisers. You will typically be contacted within 48-72 after your application with an update on your application status.

Q. What happens if I am accepted?

A. Upon application, you’ll be provided with the Superhuman Coach Network contract. After completion of the contract, you’ll be given immediate access to the workshops, exams, forums and private mentorship program with Ben Greenfield.

Q. What will I learn?

A. Click here for a complete list of the basic Superhuman modules that are covered. Each month, new modules are added to the basic modules you will see listed, including business tips, content creation how-to’s, nutrition supplement FAQ’s, and more.

Q. How is this different from the “Become Superhuman Guide” package?

A. The certification includes way more, such as:

1) Forum Q&A 
2) Certification 
3) Exposure via content production on site 
4) Free access to any live events 
5) Window stickers and certification – a “stamp of approval” 
6) Extra business building modules 
7) Extra content creation modules 
8) Extra modules over everything from supplements to the mental game 
9) CEU’s 

It’s like the difference between iTunes Harvard class and going to the actual school – the former gets you some info – the latter gets you tons of interaction, experience, and WAY more content.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. If you’re a client who wants to work with a Superhuman Coach, costs vary depending on whatever that particular coach bills for their services. We provide coaches with recommendations of what to charge for their services, but once we connect you with a coach, you come to an agreement with that coach about what billing scenario is best for you and your budget.

If you’re a coach who is accepted into the Superhuman Coach Network, the entire program is immediately delivered to you to learn at your own pace for the 12 month certificate process. The curriculum and mentorship program, including the forum, is $97/month, or $997/year, during the length of time you are completing the certificate process.

After the initial 12 months, you can have continued access to all features listed above for $97/month or $997/year, including continued forum access, continued ability to publish videos, audios and articles on our site, continued placement in our Superhuman Coach Network, and continued free access to our live events.

If you decide not to remain with the Network after the initial 12 month period, you can still maintain your certificate with a $397 annual re-certification fee, which is not required if you stay within the Network on a monthly or annual basis, but is subject to you completing a re-certification exam.

We understand that what you invest in your education and business is probably an important consideration for you, so e-mail [email protected] if you have questions about tuition, or if you need to arrange a flexible tuition setup.

Q. How is the course delivered?

A. The online workshops take place in both live video and audio format, and are also available as recorded video and audio downloads, as well as in podcast form. They are also fully transcribed if you would prefer to learn via that method. Our goal is to make the information available to you no matter which way you like to learn, and you do not need any special software or hardware!

In addition, we have live monthly audio and video bonus workshops with Ben Greenfield, covering topics such as time management, self-medical testing, advanced nutrition concepts, and much more.

Each exam is completed online. 80% pass rates are required, and a maximum of three attempts are allowed to complete an exam within a maximum 30 days after you have viewed each workshop.

Q. How much time is involved?

A. During the 12 month process, you can expect to spend 1-2 hours per week viewing workshops and interacting in the Superhuman Coach Network forum.

Of course, if you currently hold your training or coaching certificate, you will also have additional time that you spend being paid to coach the clients who we send to you (see below).

Q. Do you give me clients to work with, and if so, how am I paid?

A. Our goal is to not only  make you a globally recognized fitness expert, but also to have a healthy and lucrative business. So we do not take “a commission” or a “finder’s fee” from clients who we connect with you.

Our goal is instead to “teach you how to fish”. Rather than us managing your coached clients or us taking a percentage of what a client would pay you, we teach you how to run your own business and maximize the results that your clients get.

So you get to choose what you charge the clients we send to you, you get to run your own business/website, and you have complete control over communication with your customers and clients.

At the same time, we do offer income opportunities within the Superhuman Coach Network. For example, we will feature training plans that you create within our Superhuman Training Plans store, sell the plans for you, and cut you a monthly commission (it is not required that you create and sell plans, but we give you that opportunity if you want it, and even provide you with full access to Ben Greenfield’s personal TrainingPeaks workout library to help you write your training plans).

Many of the coaches within our network are also personally given clients to coach from Ben Greenfield’s personal database of client contacts.

Q. Do I work with clients online, or face-to-face?

A. You choose. Most of the members within the Superhuman Coach Network are either running their own gyms and personal training studios, working at a health club, managing an online business, or doing any or all of the above!

Q. Can I get CEU’s or CEC’s?

A. Yes, we keep an updated list of national and international organizations that recognize the Superhuman Coach Network for continuing education units and credits, and you can access that constantly growing list here. If you do not see a CEU or CEC provider who you would like to see listed, please contact us at [email protected] to find out if we are in the process of adding that provider.

Q. Can I use this information for my own performance enhancement or health?

A. Yes. If you yourself are not only a coach, but also pursuing your own fitness goals in advanced health, triathlon, Crossfit, marathon, cycling, swimming or any other goal, you will find the information and strategies that you discover within the Superhuman Coach Network to be invaluable in helping your reach your goals quickly, safely and effectively – and many of the discussions within our forum are not simply coaches asking questions about achieving goals for their clients, but coaches asking about their own personal goals!

So a big bonus of being part of the Superhuman Coach Network is having access to Ben Greenfield, other members of the Superhuman Coach Network, and our board of advisers to help solve your personal issues or health challenges, or get you to your personal goals.

Q. Do you offer fitness business coaching too?

A. As part of the Superhuman Coach Network, you’ll not only learn advanced strategies to enhance performance, fat loss, recovery, digestion, brain sleep and hormones, but you’ll also learn how to maximize your career success.

You’ll immediately get .pdf transcripts and audio downloads of Ben Greenfield’s “Coach Insider” package, along with a copy of Ben’s “Coach Guide”, and full access to online workshops that teach you all the secrets, including content creation, business structure tips, income automation, information product creation, product launches, getting more clients, and much more.

Q. Are there live events, or is it all online?

A. When you join the Superhuman Coach Network, you’ll get an instant, free ticket to the live “Become Superhuman” event with Ben Greenfield and featured members of our board of advisers and Ben’s global network of physicians and health, fitness and nutrition experts. This live event is a two day workshop jam-packed with lectures, breakout sessions and networking opportunities with potential clients.

Be sure to join the e-mail list on our home page to get details on live event dates. If you have additional questions, please e-mail [email protected] and we will respond within 48 hours.

Q. Are there any other coaching perks?

A. ALL of the products at ThorneFX Products are ONLY available for coaches and trainers who are accepted as a ThorneFX affiliate to be able to purchase wholesale or use with their clients.

Everyone that completes the 12 month program and soaks up a years worth of knowledge to become a certified Superhuman coach will be able to be accepted as affiliates.

Click here to apply now to become a coach member of the Superhuman Coach Network.

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  1. Hi,

    I am interested in this amazing programme, I am certified level 3 QVC Personal Trainer but I live in the United Kingdom can I apply?


    • Hi Isabel,
      Yes, you can apply to this program. Location is not a concern, as everything is done online, except for the annual Live Event, which is also optional on your part. Hope to see you inside the Network!