How To Have Superhuman Nerves And Avoid Choking When Under Pressure

You may or may not be a golfer, but here’s an example of why what you’re about to learn in this article is important…

Just image you’re in a high-stakes golf tournament.

Make this two-foot putt and you win your first major tourney.

You walk up to the ball and you tell yourself to relax. You focus on getting your grip just right. You’re thinking about all the things your coach said. You’re thinking about your grip, your stance, and you’re worried about all the bad things that are going to happen if you miss this shot.

You’ve practiced this putt thousands of times, but now the pressure is on and everyone is watching you. You’re sweating and freezing up. You swing the club. “SMACK!”

The ball goes flying 6 feet past the hole. “Choke!”

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