Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Negative Effects of Aspartame

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener which is to say that it is not derived from any natural or raw food. It is synthesized and processed completely in a laboratory or a food manufacturing factory. It was invented in 1965 and has since been used widely as a substitute for regular sugar in various commercial food and beverage products.

This sweetener is described as non-nutritive and non-saccharide. That means it contains no nutritional substances and is not some form of sugar compound. It is in fact mostly made up of two particular types of amino acids. The brand “AminoSweet” is a more accurate name for it than the popular “NutraSweet”.

The Superhuman Food Pyramid recommends that you avoid using aspartame. There are far safer and less controversial natural sweeteners available. A food additive that supplies nothing but sweetness won’t help you achieve your goals of Superhuman health.

Besides having no nutritional value whatsoever, aspartame has also been consistently linked to a few negative health effects. Continue reading so you can make a more informed decision about this artificial sweetener.

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