Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Negative Effects of Canned Fruits

Canning was born out of the logistical needs of the military. It was during the Napoleonic Wars that the French government actively sought out a solution for preserving large amounts of food in conveniently portable containers to feed its large mobile armies. Thus it was a French confectioner and brewer by the name of Nicolas Appert who first established the canning process in 1809. At that time sealed glass jars served as the containers.

Technology and the manufacturing process improved and tin cans soon replaced glass jars. Soldiers in the succeeding wars all the way to World War 2 received canned fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry of continuously increasing quality. As canned goods became cheaper to produce, demand in the consumer market also came about and grew.

Fruits are at their most nutritious and beneficial when raw and fresh. Unfortunately they are perishable. While canned fruits may widen the availability and consumption of fruits by preserving them way beyond natural limits, the convenience comes at the price of certain health risks. Read further and discover the negative effects of canned fruits. Continue reading