Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: How To Use Curry

The Superhuman Food Pyramid spotlight is now on curry.

Curry doesn’t point to any one spice but rather to a mixture of them. The name is said to come from the word kari which is Tamil for “sauce”. The British first encountered this South Indian spice blend in the 17th century and supposedly adopted and helped disseminate it to other parts of the world.

While curry-based dishes are more commonly known as part of Indian cuisine, various Asian nations actually have their own spice mixtures which are also called curries. There are Pakistani, Thai, and Chinese curries for example. In fact, the blend is as varied as the cultures that have it. The recipe can be as simple as to involve only five different spices or be complex enough to use as much as twenty. Curry dishes can vary in color and come in yellow, red or green, depending on the spice ingredients.

Curry powder is the more popular and commercially available form of the spice blend in the Western world. To make production practical, its ingredients are more standardized in comparison to how curry is traditionally prepared in Asia.

We know how one healthy spice or herb can already impart some benefits. Imagine mixing a couple of them in one potent package. This is the essential Superhuman quality of curry.

Here are some benefits and practical uses of curry…

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