Eating Clean: The Highly Active Person’s Guide To Food Intolerances

Highly active people, such as weekday/weekend warriors, endurance athletes, Crossfitters and other movers and shakers, eat a lot and we are gassy.

It’s the sad, stinky truth.

We simply consume more carbohydrates than the average person, and the bacteria in our intestine feed on those excess starches and produce gas as a by-product. But many active people experience more unpleasant and serious issues that accompany high food intake, or just a love of food in general, and these issues go far beyond the occasional fart.

For example, are you constantly congested, or produce excess mucus while lifting weights, doing your workout of the day, swimming, cycling or running? Are you frequently fatigued, even when you’re not exercising, or have fuzzy thinking? Does it seem that when you go to the bathroom you’re either constipated or have diarrhea?

Any of these unpleasant reactions to food can be indicative of a food intolerance, and with the growing prevalence of this issue and the high calorie intake of active people, it’s highly likely that you are affected.

So what can you do about it?

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