Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Negative Effects of Fruit Candy

The process of using syrup to preserve fruits and turning them into candy are practically similar in the initial stage. The fruits are sliced and cooked in sugar syrup. Candying however takes the process a few steps further.

To make fruit candy, one has to cook the fruit in sugar syrup in low to medium heat, bringing it to a slow boil. This goes on until the fruit is slightly translucent. Afterwards the fruit is left to soak in the syrup for several days. The goal here is to remove the water content of the fruit and replace it with the sugar. Throughout the soaking period, the concentration of the syrup is gradually increased by regular additions of sugar. Finally the thick syrup is drained and the fruit is allowed to dry.

As with fruits in syrup, the health drawbacks and risks presented by fruit candy are due to the significant amounts of sugar necessary in its making. Continue reading to learn about the negative effects of fruit candy. Continue reading