Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Negative Effects of Processed Sugar

Today’s Superhuman Food Pyramid article and some of the succeeding ones will talk about types of food that should be avoided. Most of them will discuss sweeteners and this first one focuses on the most common of all – processed sugar.

The term, as used here, refers to regular table sugar. But it also includes its other widely available forms such as confectionery, brown sugar, and liquid sugars. The first is the powdered form that is typically used in baking. The second has a little of the molasses content coating the granulated crystals to give it that color. The third is the same processed sugar just dissolved in water and turned into syrup. It is mostly used in the manufacture of sweet snacks and drinks.

Powdered, granulated, liquid, brown or white – they are all just different forms of the same sweet substance that underwent a refining process in order to become pure sucrose. That is the main problem. Processed sugar has really nothing else to offer other than sweetness.

Read on about the negative effects of processed sugar on your health. You’ll understand why consuming it will only hinder your goal to Become Superhuman. Continue reading