How To Build Superhuman Strength And Performance

So, you’re serious about improving your performance – you want to be faster, stronger and more powerful.

You have researched and bought the best gear and equipment. Your running shoes are ultra light. Your bike is made with the same carbon fiber as a fight jet. You track your training, calories, power, and heart rates zones with your Garmin computer. And, you follow a periodization training program that has build and rest weeks.

How do you know if all the training you’re doing and money you’re spending is worth it? Most people would say performance:

Are you running faster than you did six months ago?

Are you lifting heavier weight than you were lifting six months ago?

Are you performing better now than you were six months ago?

If not, what went wrong? Was it the gear? Was it the training plan? Was it your strength training? Strength training? How, you did strength training 2-3 times a week. It can’t be the strength training, right? Keep reading to find out if it can be the strength training.

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