Treating Injuries with Unique Supplementation

Let’s start by “geeking out” on the injury process for soft tissue and bone injuries, then we will delve into what everyone wants to know…how do I heal? However, its important for you to know what is going on when you get injured, so you are not tempted to rush the recovery process. Read on for more information on the healing process, and dietary supplements which encourage healing. Continue reading

What’s Up With the “Old” Gymnast? How to Maintain Peak Performance As You Age

Olympic athletes like Yordan Yovchev, the 39 yr old Bulgarian gymnast, are amazing examples of how you can maintain peak performance with age.   He  and many others defy aging performance rules to excel at the Olympic and elite levels…

…so are they Superhuman, or have they somehow cracked the code on aging and peak performance?

Is it possible to enhance your performance potential into your 40’s, 50’s, even 70s?

It is exciting to note that there were 187 athletes over the age of 40 in this year’s Games.  Most of the over 50 crowd are competing in Equestrian events and Shooting.  while they are indeed physical demands in these sports (I ride Dressage, I know!) these sports rely more on years of skill development and finesse, less on athletic strength and speed.

Believe it or not there are some strategies that you can begin to use right now to resist declines and even maintain peak performance as you age.

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