11 Tips For Staying In Shape While Traveling

You know the type of holiday you’ve been dreaming about for years, THE trip. You are looking forward to the trip and all the fun, great food, and new experiences! You aren’t looking forward to sticking to your regular diet & training plan while travelling. You want a break! But you also want to stay in shape while traveling. Follow these 11 tips to stay in shape during your next holiday.
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How To PR Your Next Race By Training Less

This article is for all you long distance marathon and Ironman athletes out there who are logging endless miles. I am going to tell you how you can actually get faster by training less.

Before we get into how we are going to make you faster by training less, we need to talk about why we slowdown in the first place. So, let me ask you – why do you slow down in an event? Are you slowing down because of you’re out of breath, because you’re lacking cardio conditioning, or are you slowing down because your muscles are fatigued, tired, and sore?

I would bet the majority of you are slowing down because your muscles are fatigued. Keep reading to learn about the four areas you need to address in your training to become faster, by training less. Continue reading

How To Develop A Superhuman Training Plan

A Superhuman Training Plan is defined as an ideal combination of skills: endurance, strength, power, speed, range-of-motion, and balance.

Ever wonder how coaches develop a training plan?

In this presentation, Dr Jeff Banas shows you what goes into developing a superhuman training plan.

Goal setting, identifying and ranking your skills, breaking the year into specific training  blocks, and what type of training to do in those specific blocks are all discussed.